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the 109th Canton Fair(the brief summary)

Time:2011/11/20 NO:601
     The 109th Canton Fair has closed a few days, there is a good harvest there.

     Firstly, most of the customers are the potential customers, for they are more targeted when they are searching what they would like. As well as we have met some of our senior customers there, it is good for our further cooperation in the future.

     Secondly, at the Fair, we displayed some new styles of ours, some of the customers consider them as the attracted styles. Especially most of  the customers would like some shopping bags new to attract their customers or improve the image of their company, the new styles are the suitable selection. They are willing to accept the new.

     All in all, we believe that almost every one at the Fair will have their own gains, including the customers. Of course, we have our own and are glad to share with you. What about your suggestions?

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