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Eco products are more and more popular among people

Time:2011/11/20 NO:691
Nowadays,everything would like to keep the pace with the times including the environment protection.With strong threat of the white pollution,people has compelled to be eager for the newly eco products.So the cotton bag and nonwoven bag not only has the high value,but also bring the new power to the enviromental protection career.
We think, with the popular of the cotton and nonwoven shopping bag,besides the bag itself value,it also owes to the daily increased consumers' enviromental awareness.It is important and great significant for the consumers with high environmental proctection awareness to prompt the enviromental protection economy.
The idea of the low cardon,enviromental protection should be penetrated to every stage of the social,so the consumers build up the strong environmental proctection idea.Then in the daily life they will do consciously the low emission and low pollution action. Therefore,those environmental protection poduction will bring the  new econoic  development model,and then make our family more beautiful and wonderful.
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