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The trademark

Time:2011/11/20 NO:952

Trademark is a legal language which is applied by the operator for the product or service during the producing,manufacturing,processing,selecting or selling .It is a logo with distinguishing feature using to district the product or service.Usually it is composed of the characters,graphics or others.Once the country authoried it as the registered trademark after checking,it will be protected by the law. Then the trademark registrant will have the exclusive right for this trademark.
The design of the trademark put the specific thing,event,scene ,abstract sprit,idea into the special graph.When seeing it,people will produce the imagine naturally,then have the comfirmation to the enterprise.So the trademark is closely related with the company.With the development of the company,its value also increases.
Now our company has its own trademark which already authoried as the registerred trademark.If check the trademark carefully,you will find it is combined the graph of shopping bag with our company name Ruixiao.For the green color,it means our product is eco friendly which is combined with our company idea masterly.What's more,it is easily remembered by the people.Have you already remembered this trademark?


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