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The shopping bag pours into the fashion element

Time:2011/11/20 NO:1328

With the shopping bag more and more popular,now some artists and designers begin make their work on the shopping bag,so this makes the shopping bag pour into the fashion element.Now pls kindly enjoy the following three fashionable and artistic shopping bags:


This kind of Bershka shopping bag is designed by the Marcos Garaban whose inspiration comes from the Shanghai Expo and its sign"City makes the life better".His design combines the sense of city,neutral and environment protection into one.This bag  was used on November 9th,2010 in the Bershka shop.Its slogan is "use it,reuse it and continue to use it"


The Japan artist Yayoi Kusama cooperated with the Harbor City to make this kind of shopping bag.It is limited edition which has been well received by the fans of wave point .It was in the market on 2008.Now it is out of selling.


This kind of shopping bag is the most fashion one,do you think so?It is Hermes Silky Pop Bag and it is embed with gold.Would like to pack the chichen and duch,fish and meat into this shopping bag with the value of  EUR 700?I don't think so,but its main point is fashion.

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