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Color Fastness of Silk Screen Print

Time:2015/2/13 NO:743

Silk screen print is the most popular printing technology used in our eco bag field . It’s with cheap print cost , cheap print plate charge, and could work well for most of logo designs .

However, we usually don’t suggest customer washing the eco bag, because that the color fastness of normal silk screen print is not strong enough to endure the washing, you would be pity to see that, there was some color fading away .... .

But don’t worry, friend, if you prefer to having a good color fastness, we could manage it well, too ! to be simple, is just to add an extra proceess of high-temperature -drying . then let’s try again with cold water washing, and yeah, proves to be much better and color fade very slightly ! of course, we have to face of the obvious cost encrease at the meantime .

When we talk about eco bag, if you have special request about print color fastness , please do inform us in advance .

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