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Drawstring bags

Time:2015/2/13 NO:997

There is three kinds of most popular drawstring bags in market, when customers would like to get an offer about it, sometimes they feel difficult to express well about which kind of that they actually want. I’d like help you with it to clearly explain your favorite one and not easy to cause confusion in this way:

A- single drawstring bag, only one knot at one top side of bag

B- double drawstring bag, with two knots at each top side of bag

C- double drawstring bag, and that drawstring extends till the bottom.

We need clarify which kind of drawstring, since the cost of rope & manufacturing fee is different for above three different kinds of.

By function, A&B is more popular to be used as gift pouch/bag, like jewellery bag, shoe bag, C is more as simple and convenient backpack.

Hope above could help you a little in some way. Thanks.

Zurvy QU


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