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Fashion and ECO

Time:2015/5/12 NO:1049

When we talk about eco friendly bags, we have to mention the UK handbag designer--Anya Hindmarch, sponsor of "environmental protection bags of events".

in 2007, she designed a canvas handbag called "I' m Not A Plastic Bag" under the banner of environmental protection, four different colors of the limited edition has attracted 100000 customers from dawn till dusk register to buy. In the whole world, each landing in a city, will lead to a queue of looting, price only 5 pound bag into 2007 fully deserve the "king of fashion goods". Fashion and environmental protection, has long been considered that you can't have it both ways, until this bag unexpectedly became the fashion darling.

Now, this green fashion whirlwind has win support among the people, many European and American star also use a variety of eco friendly bags, because it brings not only beauty but also a new concetp of healthy and fashion.

(Part from www.wtobag.com)



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